Wreath Contest 2018

Once again I’ve entered the Holiday wreath contest here!

My 2017 Wreath

Last year I made a Harry Potter themed wreath. While fun, I feel like I should’ve kept with more classic Christmas colors.

My 2018 Wreath

This year, I decided to go with that buffalo plaid craze all the kids are pinning. I’m so glad I did! It challenged me to work outside of my usual feltcraft for most of it, which was a welcome change. I feel like I’ve done nothing but feltcraft for nearly six years now!

The finished wreath! Keep reading for my inspiration sources and a little more detail.

Time for some behind-the-scenes action!

I knew I wanted to do buffalo plaid and I knew I wanted to do a burlap wrap. I love seeing the vintage style signs, so that was the next thing I added.

I went to the craft store after that to find my buffalo plaid. I also found some cute rustic bells I had to have! The first placement of them…well…turned it into a monster. Tell me you see it too!

As for that adorable bunting, I found an image on Pinterest that led to an Etsy listing. Now, I’m 100% for supporting Etsy shops! But. I had only a few days to finish this and I promised myself that I would use the craft supplies I had (I may have a crafting problem).

Source: Eclectic Soirées

Isn’t it amazing? I knew I needed a tassel garland instead of a bow as soon as I saw this! I do like her version better, but I don’t think mine turned out too bad, considering.

And now for the rest of my inspiration.

Source: Lyndale Drive

Source: Autumn’s Echo Shoppe

Source: Craft Ideas

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