Why I Quit Pampered Chef

why I quit Pampered Chef

In March 2017, I decided to become a Pampered Chef independent consultant. 

Now, something you should know about me before I get into this. I don’t like most multi-level marketing companies. (AKA direct sales, get-friends-to-buy-crap-at-the-party-you’re-hosting-so-you-can-get-free-stuff companies. You know what I’m talking about.) Recruitment is shady, and I rarely use whatever overpriced items I get from parties. You’re essentially guilted into buying stuff to support your friend. Not to mention there are very few consultants that are trained with the proper information, so rumors start about the latest snake oil cures for cancer, which must be true since the consultant told them.

Now, as many of you know, I’ve had an Etsy shop for about eight years now. I believe in supporting small businesses and truly handmade over that trendy “handmade style” stuff you can buy at places like Target. I love things like Kickstarter where you can financially support endeavors that interest you. But that’s the thing: you still have a choice and noone makes you feel any sort of way by shopping how you want to shop. You do you. Freewill, freedom of speech, First Amendment kind of stuff.

I don’t want to participate in most of these MLM companies (by selling for them or buying from them) because of my own reasons, however my intent isn’t to be rude about it. These jobs do honestly work for some people, and if that’s you or someone you know, that’s fantastic. I support you. I might not support you financially, but I’ll still invite you to selling events I help organize and point interested customers your way.

Okay, so now you know where I stand. Let’s move onto the fun stuff.

Why did I become a Pampered Chef consultant?

I signed up originally to get the free stuff, like most people do. There was a grill pan that was love at first sight, and it was cheaper for me to get it by buying the consultant kit. Of course, it also would’ve been a LOT cheaper if I had met the quota to get 50% off my consultant kit (that month’s sign-on special), but I missed that by a couple hundred dollars. I had a lot of friends buy stuff from me to help me get there, but I still didn’t make it.

Part of me wanted to start a food blog, and technically I had dabbled in it a bit. I was hoping to make Pampered Chef my launching point, using their products to try fun new recipes for content.

What did I get as a consultant?

I was a consultant from March to December 2017. In that time, I did technically get a huge discount on the items in my consultant kit. I also got some extras like some free catalogs when they came out with new season (though I did have to purchase additional catalogs), and I did earn some products from selling a certain amount each month. When I was a consultant, there were two tiers of what you could earn in products each month; I think I got second tier once. I will admit, I’ve given away most of those items because I had no use for them. Couldn’t even sell them for cheap.

pampered chef cats cocktails crafts
A few of the things I got for free by earning “PC Dollars,” aka credit to use on their website.

I didn’t really earn money either. I mean yes, technically I had money that I received for being a consultant, but between mailing host packages and other business expenses, it essentially didn’t amount to anything. Especially after how many hours I put into it. I only had a couple parties a month, so business wasn’t exactly booming either.

What products do I still use?

Okay, now for the good stuff! If you don’t care about the consultant stuff, you should enjoy this section.

Surprisingly, the items that were in my top 5 favorites aren’t all still on my list. That list used to be the nonstick grill pan & press, microwave popcorn maker, whipped cream maker, simple slicer, and ceramic egg cooker. I honestly use the whipped cream maker the most out of all of those, and that isn’t even that often. The grill pan is a pain to clean, popcorn’s easier to make in the bags (not to mention you can make much more), I usually grab a knife for cutting things, and mugs are much easier to find when I want to make a mug cake or anything.

2017 fav five Pampered Chef products. cats cocktails crafts

My new list? That’s tough! I wouldn’t say there are any Pampered Chef products that I still LOVE. Most of this list is going to be items I use basically no more than once a month, which let’s be honest, is pretty bad considering how often we have to eat.

I do still use my bundt pan (sorry, “fluted cake pan“) because it makes food into a fancy shape and it’s dishwasher safe. Other items on my list are manual food processor (hello easy guac!), large cool & serve and the carrier (easy for bringing everything from deviled eggs to cupcakes to a party), toaster tongs, and the stand for the electric wine opener (it’s a foil cutter and makes a really nice clean cut! You can buy a “replacement” without buying the whole set to just get the cutter).

Current fav five Pampered Chef products. cats cocktails crafts

Final thoughts?

While I’m very glad I didn’t continue my Pampered Chef adventure, I don’t regret it. I never pushed myself to hassle people to buy products, which is something I was strongly opposed to. Having parties to sell products just isn’t for me (and let’s be real, most people). The MLM market is over-saturated and people are getting tired of it.

The Pampered Chef products themselves aren’t all bad. There are a few hidden gems. There are a lot of items that are just trying to keep up with the latest trends, which in itself I can appreciate, but their execution of those products isn’t always on point. There are plenty of fun products they’ve released, but only a few of them will realistically be used in everyday life. Find the products you love and enjoy them! If you’d rather buy items that do the same thing for half the price, do it. Live your life the way that makes you happy and doesn’t hurt those around you.

6 thoughts on “Why I Quit Pampered Chef

  1. Beverly Blake says:

    Sorry you didn’t have a good experience with PC. I don’t love absolutely every product, but most of the are fantastic. That grill pan you spoke about, we use it and the press 3-4 times a week. The large cool and serve I purchased for outdoor parties in the summer, but I have since used it year round. The products are expensive, but I would rather buy something that works and has a guarantee once, than purchase the same thing over and over when it breaks.


    • DrowsyAurora says:

      I totally get what you’re saying, and not everyone’s experience is the same. The majority of their products are only guaranteed for a year, and I wish they’d extend it. Not all of their products worked for me (like the pancake mixer bottle–I’d rather just use one of the Blender Bottles I already own). Do you have any tips for cleaning the grill pan? I love cooking with it, but it’s so difficult to clean it thoroughly with the scraper they send.


  2. Dana F. Ward says:

    Thanks for sharing! I understand everything you are saying and I respect you and appreciate your honesty. I think you ability to deal fairly and kindly with people are exactly why your type makes the best kind of consultant. Nobody want to purchase from someone who is only in it for the money and quite frankly just a pushy salesperson. I am a PC consultant and I hope to remain the type who is there for her customers and tries to work hard for them to help them to acquire some great products for free or very reduced in price. I do not ever want to be a pushy salesperson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • DrowsyAurora says:

      While I’m still very glad I got out to focus on what I really wanted to do, I can appreciate that becoming a consultant gave me the launching point and I guess the excuse to really get into blogging. I’ve been watching a lot of anti-MLM videos on YouTube lately, and I do feel that Pampered Chef felt different than the ones that most people are talking about. I still can’t get behind the recruiting people to make more money, so I’ll stick with my Etsy shop and blogging. Best of luck with your Pampered Chef adventure and thanks for your input!


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