DIY Mini Photo Backdrop

diy mini photo backdrop

I absolutely love crafting! I love taking cheap objects or “trash” and making something amazing with them. Here’s one of them that I hope you’ll find useful!

I do apologize in advance for the potato photos. It decided to get dark and cloudy and start down-pouring while I was making this. Thanks England.

Mini Photo Backdrop (2 versions)

Pictured above is the first version in which I used contact paper and made it so it does NOT fold. The second version DOES fold and allows you to use whatever scrapbook paper suits your photoshoot. As most of my projects go–food or craft–feel free to add your own spin to it!

cats cocktails crafts. diy mini photo backdrop 2
Version 2

What you need:

  • foam board (at least 12×24″)
  • box/utility knife
  • tape
  • scrap paper
  • glue stick or Mod Podge
  • pencil
  • yarn/ribbon/string
  • scissors (probably)

Version 1:

  • contact paper

Version 2:

  • scrapbook paper

Measure and cut two 12×12″ squares
Take scrap paper and crease in the middle. Line up fold with edge of one board; glue. (Use multiple pieces as needed! Try to have at least 2-3″ on each board.)
Use tape to add extra security!
13_ (1)
Line up second board. Be sure to have the vertical board beside horizontal board. Glue and tape other half of paper to this side.

Now FLIP! Use a candle, water bottle or whatever you have handy to hold boards in place as you work.

Version 1: prop boards so they’re at a 90 degree angle. Tape into place.
Version 2: fold boards until closed. Tape paper (I used the giant sticker from my foam board) over hinged edge.
Both versions! Cut two pieces of string/yarn/ribbon, roughly 6″ each. Tape to both boards, holding them in place at 90 degrees. These should be roughly 2″ from the hinged corner.

Looking good! You should be able to flip it upright and it should stand up by itself. Some gentle wiggling and stern looks may be necessary.

Now for the fun part! Let’s do version 1 first.

Cut contact paper 13×25″ (I didn’t cut mine long enough; don’t mind my photo).

Carefully peel back half of the backing paper. Line up edges so you have just enough overhang to fold contact paper over the edges later.

untitled design
Take a squeegee if you have one (otherwise use a card like me) and start in the middle. Make an X, then fill in the quadrants, always starting from the middle. (Shout-out to Tavia for teaching me this technique!)

Remove remaining backing paper and finish applying to that board. Flip so the other board is on the bottom and repeat, but this time use the hinged edge as your “middle” starting point so you don’t get wrinkles!

Technically you could use two pieces to make this, but you wouldn’t get the same seamless edge, which I love for photos. You do you if this is too tricky though!

Next, fold over the edges, making sure to make small cuts around the string and corner.


Aaaaand you’re pretty much done! Use a little extra tape to hold the contact paper to the back if you need to.


Back to version 2! Keep in mind that this is my original that I made months ago, so I don’t have step-by-step photos.

Cut strips of scrap paper x4 to go around each outer corner. Mine are roughly 1×4″. Tape in place, but only in the back! Keep the front open so you can slide scrapbook paper in. Think those old school photo corners in scrapbooks.
Add some scrapbook paper and try it out. They will NOT fit exactly! Place the bottom piece first, then the vertical piece. It should curve ever-so-much, helping you avoid a corner shadow in your photos.

Have fun! I decided to make a second one of these with contact paper so I could use it for foodie things. I don’t want to ruin my scrapbook paper with food!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial (photo quality aside). I know I have a somewhat sporadic creative style that sometimes makes it difficult to explain step-by-step. Comment below if you need any clarification!

Same photo as above, cropped.

That’s all for now! I’ll take some better photos with this backdrop for my BONUS post this week that I’ll be posting Friday. Stay tuned!

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