Car Trash Stasher: Trying out Craft Tutorials

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There are so many fun craft tutorials out there that I want to try–I have a couple of Pinterest boards, as I’m sure many of you do too. But the trouble is finding the time to try them! Why not make a blog series about it?

This first craft is something useful for my car. I wanted something easy since I’m pretty busy for the next couple of months.

There are a few variations of this craft, and I ended up mixing two of my favorites. The first I found is by A Spoonful of Sugar; I liked how it had a structured framework made from a cut leftover dish, something I already had (well, maybe not the cut part). The second is a video by Riley Blake Designs. This one I ended up finding because I completely misinterpreted the first tutorial and needed a visual.

I’m not going to go through the full tutorial with you guys, but I highly encourage you to pull up the two I linked above and see for yourselves!

I started with the pattern from A Spoonful of Sugar, using two pieces of fabric, folding them in half, and sewing along two sides. Put them together, right sides together, making sure the seams are lined up on the one side.

Make sure to line up the seams!
Lace ribbon for the loop. It’s not stretchy and made of thick thread.
Grocery bag over the cut leftover dish.
Plastic bag insert inside finished trash stasher.

Overall, I do like how it turned out. I think I’ll switch out the leftover dish for an embroidery hoop though, as I think it’s a little too difficult to get the fabric to just the right size so that the leftover dish doesn’t slide down.

Like I said though, I really like the idea of being able to have a plastic bag inside of it to keep it clean. I also like how the framework holds it open for easy access while driving.

I also like that I only needed two fat quarters of fabric for this project, which is good for my attempt to destash, or at least not acquire too many more crafting supplies before my big move back to The States.

Most of the problems I had with this project had nothing to do with either tutorial. I had silly tension issues with my sewing machine (a stupid mistake on my part), and my cat Ash managed to get outside and disappeared overnight. It’s hard to focus on things when life has you distracted! Thankfully YouTube videos make projects easier when life gets in your way.

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