Easy Vegetarian Dinner Idea

Today’s post was going to be about me perfecting a vegan muffin recipe. Was.

Instead I’ve made 3 versions of the same recipe, trying to get it to feel more, well, like a muffin. I don’t know if my oven has decided it doesn’t want to cook properly or if the recipe wasn’t right. Either way, these didn’t turn out nearly as well as I would have liked.

So instead of taking you through my failed attempts to make a recipe work, let’s talk about something else.

My go-to meal this week is something super easy. I’ve been crazy busy, so cooking dinner for even 15 minutes sounds like too much work.

I’ve been eating a lot of vegetarian meals lately, but you can easily add some meal prepped meat or rotisserie chicken to this.

Grain + eggs + beans + Greek yogurt + cheese + whatever toppings you want

First I get my eggs started. I go for a medium fried egg usually. I use my nonstick pans and cover them while cooking to ensure the white around the yolk fully cooks. You can make your eggs however you’d like though! Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper.

I’m not a fan of Minute Rice. At all. But I do like shortcuts that work. I am obsessed with this line of grains! (Not sponsored BTW.) Seeds of Change makes a few versions of this bag, and I now have some constantly in my pantry. You tear it a little at the top, pop it in the microwave for 90 seconds, and done! I usually make it into 2 servings per bag.

Beans. I’ve made this dish interesting by changing up the type of beans. Today I used a roasted chickpea (which wasn’t cooking like it usually does either, which makes me suspect that my oven is broken). I do always use canned beans, just for how easy they are.

For additional toppings, I’ve been keeping with things I already have. Greek yogurt is a must. Cheese, of course. Green hot sauce. (My husband protests that it’s not actually hot sauce.) When it’s warm enough to keep herbs, I’ll add some cilantro and chives.

You can absolutely add some veggies too! I’ve been snacking on carrots, so I didn’t really want to add anything today. I do keep a few bags of microwavable veggies in the freezer for an easy addition to any meal.

Do you have a similar shortcut meal? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Easy Vegetarian Dinner Idea

    • DrowsyAurora says:

      I usually have potted herbs here–sorry, I should’ve clarified! I’ve tried a greenhouse, wrapping them in a towel…nothing seems to keep them warm enough to stay alive.


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