Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cheddar, Bacon, & Pretzels

I was recently messaged by a friend asking for the recipe for these cookies. I forgot I had it typed up for an old blog! Enjoy my blog post from 2015. Yes, you read that right and no, I was not under any influences when I decided to make these for the first time. It’s … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cheddar, Bacon, & Pretzels

Avocado Brownies

This post is not affiliated or sponsored by any of the links contained herein. It's easier for me to think about eating healthy when the weather gets warmer. However, that doesn't mean I want to give up treats! I knew I wanted to try out an avocado recipe, and chocolate seems to be the choice … Continue reading Avocado Brownies

Meal Prep

Today's post is going to be about my meal prep this week! Before I dive into it, I just want to let you know that this isn't going to be a post full of "proper" recipes, though I will include some links. This post is to inspire you to try something different if you're stuck … Continue reading Meal Prep

Easy RumChata (or Horchata) Cupcakes

One of the best unknown drinks out there is horchata. Now, there are a lot of people who have had this drink, don't get me wrong, but in the military life you're always meeting new people and learning just how different we are in America. I'm surprised at how many people haven't tried the delicious … Continue reading Easy RumChata (or Horchata) Cupcakes

Why I Quit Pampered Chef

In March 2017, I decided to become a Pampered Chef independent consultant.  Now, something you should know about me before I get into this. I don't like most multi-level marketing companies. (AKA direct sales, get-friends-to-buy-crap-at-the-party-you're-hosting-so-you-can-get-free-stuff companies. You know what I'm talking about.) Recruitment is shady, and I rarely use whatever overpriced items I get from … Continue reading Why I Quit Pampered Chef

A New Beginning

How many times have you wished you could just start over? Find a new job that wasn't so... troublesome? Starting an Etsy shop nearly seven years ago isn't something that I regret. I've learned so much from it that I wouldn't trade. So, for now, I'm trying something new. Well, new-ish. I've tried blogging before, … Continue reading A New Beginning