Car Trash Stasher: Trying out Craft Tutorials

This post is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the brands or products contained therein. There are so many fun craft tutorials out there that I want to try--I have a couple of Pinterest boards, as I'm sure many of you do too. But the trouble is finding the time to try them! … Continue reading Car Trash Stasher: Trying out Craft Tutorials

DIY Mini Photo Backdrop

I absolutely love crafting! I love taking cheap objects or "trash" and making something amazing with them. Here's one of them that I hope you'll find useful! I do apologize in advance for the potato photos. It decided to get dark and cloudy and start down-pouring while I was making this. Thanks England. Mini Photo … Continue reading DIY Mini Photo Backdrop

Wreath Contest 2018

Once again I've entered the Holiday wreath contest here! My 2017 Wreath Last year I made a Harry Potter themed wreath. While fun, I feel like I should've kept with more classic Christmas colors. My 2018 Wreath This year, I decided to go with that buffalo plaid craze all the kids are pinning. I'm so … Continue reading Wreath Contest 2018