My 10 PCS Kitchen Essentials

PCS. Permanent Change of Station. It might mean nothing to most people, but it's a term military families have heard all too often. Basically, it means you're moving. I've now moved 6 times since marrying into military life nearly 8 years ago, most being PCS's, but the first couple were me following my then new … Continue reading My 10 PCS Kitchen Essentials

Why I Quit Pampered Chef

In March 2017, I decided to become a Pampered Chef independent consultant.  Now, something you should know about me before I get into this. I don't like most multi-level marketing companies. (AKA direct sales, get-friends-to-buy-crap-at-the-party-you're-hosting-so-you-can-get-free-stuff companies. You know what I'm talking about.) Recruitment is shady, and I rarely use whatever overpriced items I get from … Continue reading Why I Quit Pampered Chef